About Us

A few words for Mac Team

The idea of MAC TEAM came up in April 2012 by Stavros, George, Katerina & Avgi from Cyprus.

Their vision was the fulfillment of their dreams via the fulfillment of many people’s dreams.

They all agreed in the name of the team as MAC TEAM, which has as a target to have the most economically independent representative in Travel Industry.

In April 2012 the team had around 600 members only in Cyprus. Now, six and a half years later, the team has members in more than 10 countries inside and outside of Europe and counts more than 130.000 members. The team’s cause is to keep the first of the 10 Core Values of the company which is:

“FUN – FREEDOM – FULLFILLMENT” and build on ethical basis the largest team of multitravelled and economically independent and cheerfull people,  who will have as a target to offer to other people this Core Value of Fun, Freedom and Fullfillment.

The initials of MAC came up from the phrase  “Millionaires Are Coming”. The meaning of the term Millionnaires, except from be rich economically means also rich in mind, the soul and the spirit.